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Next Generation Wind Power

This not just Wind Energy - This is High Efficiency Wind Energy

Are you considering the installation of Renewable Wind Energy?

We are confident we can demonstrate considerable savings with the shortest possible return on investment resulting in the Lowest amortized price for generated electrical power.

Negus Enterprises Ltd are the Caribbean representatives for the Prosto High Efficiency Wind Turbines which supply the highest output at the best economic returns available in Wind energy Technology.

As can be seen the Prosto Wind Turbines are a departure from the norm, they were designed to achieve high performance, Reliability with very low maintenance requirements.

Let us show you the merits of Prosto High Efficiency Wind Turbine

In summary The Prosto Wind Turbine is a High Efficiency turbine that generates Electrical energy at the widest range of air speeds 5 to 135mp Resulting with TWICE AS MUCH OPERATIONS TIME TO GENERATE POWER compared to any alternate type of technology resulting in the shortest Return on Investment possible.

Let us show you the benefits...

  • High Performance - Twice as much power compared to traditional technologies
  • Low Maintenance - Normal servicing carried out at grade level
  • No External Moving Parts
  • Intended Fabrication Caribbean in all Regions
  • Excellent ROI and business Case

Soil Stabilization Technology

Negus are sole distributors for Soil Tek ES in Jamaica

SoilTek® is described as a nanotechnological chemical compound that is able to modify the physical and chemical characteristics of soil (capillarity, expansiveness and permeability), controlling and reducing the effects caused by water, such as water erosion and percentage of swelling in expansive soils. It also increases simple compressive strength and relative bearing capacity. Besides stabilization of roads, this product has also been used to stabilize hard shoulders, bases and sub-bases, parking and maneuvering areas and setting of slopes.

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Carbon Capture

Negus Enterprises is the Jamaican Representative for Global Thermostat

Please contact us to discuss your Carbon Capture Solution We can supply carbon capture at the lowest cost

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Waste to Energy

Please contact us to discuss your waste to energy Solution Whether Hydrocarbon Recovery or Waste to Energy We have continuous and Batch operating systems

Leak Detection

Line Sentinel

Robust and reliable pipeline leak detection.

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Process Filtering Solutions

Magnetic Filtration

For Ferrous and Non-ferrous Filtration Applications

Industrial Magnetic Filtration Technology Powerpoint

Desalination and Water Treatment

Water Treatment for a Thirsty Planet

  • Portable Water Solutions
  • Seawater Desalinators
  • Food Processing
  • Medical Industry
  • Construction
  • Waterstore

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